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Huck® Magna-Lok® 316 A4 stainless steel from Alcoa

Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings, Telford Industrial Fasteners Operations, has developed the new Huck® Magna-Lok® 316 A4 stainless steel structural blind fastener, which offers corrosion resistance beyond anything else in the Huck blind…

PEM self-clinching blind nuts from PennEngineering

PennEngineering states that its PEM self-clinching blind nuts permanently install into thin metal sheets – providing reliable and reusable metal threads for accepting mating screws and completing final component attachment in an assembly….

DEGOMETAL presents the stainless steel peel rivet from GOSTAR

DEGOMETAL’s GOSTAR stainless steel peel rivet is specifically designed to fasten soft or thin materials, as it does not damage the support. The French manufacturer of rivets explains that due to its material,…

PennEngineering® presents new patented microPEM®

PennEngineering® introduced new patented microPEM® TackPin® Type T4™ self-clinching fasteners as ideal hardware solutions for installation into stainless steel or higher strength aluminium alloy sheets. Manufactured from 400 Series stainless steel, microPEM Type…

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