Simpler machining with the AL feeder

foto A AL123MPNT_PULITA_ridFacilitated material insertion into whatever machine type with the AL feeder by Cometo, leader company on a world scale in the applications for the metal wire industry. The feeder, model AL6-AL12, is available in the pneumatic, hydraulic and cam versions and it is modular. Each module is composed by an upper and lower roller, up to achieving a configuration with a maximum of three modules. It is suitable for all the applications where it is necessary to pull and to push both round wire and metal straps of various shapes and made of ferrous and non ferrous material. It is used to facilitate the material insertion into whatever machine type or as feeding group on machines for wire and profile working. The AL feeder by Cometo is modular, that’s to say each module is composed by one top roller and a bottom one. The assembly is possible by one, two or three modules maximum. The two different sizes are suitable for different wire diameters: AL6 (roller with external diameter of 65 mm) for wires with maximum diameter of 6 mm, AL12 (roller with external diameter of 122 mm), for wires with external diameter of 20 mm. The transmission of the roller motion occurs through hardened and ground gears. The roller opening and closing can be performed with various solutions: hydraulic, pneumatic or manual opening with cam. The groove on the rollers is carried out after hardening to have a profile with a polished finish. Depending on the profile that the customer will machine, Cometo can execute apposite grooves, even a double groove on the same roller to machine a wider range of diameters, without the need of changing the rollers. Besides, Cometo can assemble a complete system including the feeder with motors, electronic plant and wire straightener, to supply an even more complete service to customers.

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