Siemon adds plenum-rated copper cable and connectivity facilitates the deployment of intelligent buildings

siemonSiemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, announced the addition of several plenum-rated copper cable and connectivity products to its line of ConvergeIT™ Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings. Ideal for converging all low-voltage building systems onto a single physical infrastructure, these plenum-rated solutions can be located within the plenum (air handling) space to deliver remote power and provide connectivity for a variety of IP-based network, wireless, building automation, lighting, audiovisual, security, life safety and other low-voltage equipment and devices.

Today, more companies than ever are striving to deploy profitable intelligent buildings that provide significant capital and operational savings, while improving sustainability and overall customer and employee satisfaction. At the same time, the “Internet of Things” is rapidly becoming a reality as more low-voltage devices become network enabled for efficient power, control and communication across integrated systems.

In addition to voice, data, video and wireless devices, a wide range of sensors, control panels and detectors for access control, LED lighting, alarm systems, temperature, air handling/ventilation and many other security and building automation systems now require network connectivity. Often many of these devices need to connect within the plenum space of a building, including above the drop ceiling and under raised floors. Cable and connectivity placed within the plenum space must meet specific fire protection regulations in accordance with the National Electric Code® (NFPA 70), including UL 2043 rating for smoke and heat release in air-handling spaces.

Siemon’s line of UL 2043 plenum-rated cable and connectivity products now includes:
Z-MAX® Category 6A Shielded and UTP Solid Plenum Modular Cords
Z-MAX Category 6A Shielded and UTP Outlets
Z-MAX Category 6 UTP Outlets
Z-MAX Category 5e Shielded Outlets
MAX® Category 5e and Category 6 UTP Outlets
IC 5e UTP Solid Plenum Modular Cords
IC 6 UTP Solid Plenum Modular Cords
Z-MAX and MX Surface Mount Boxes
Surface Pack Boxes
24-Port MAX Zone Unit Enclosure

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