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Innovation and continuous development in machinery has always been a must for Continuus-Properzi and nowadays, more than six decades after the Company was founded, this modus operandi is still applied to all  machinery in all divisions. In fact, at Properzi innovation has always been viewed as the process of knowing every customer’s specific needs as the starting point in order to develop new ideas and translate them into new solutions to fully satisfy the expectations of the customer in a viable and economical manner. The equipment of the Wire Machinery Division is no exception. Shortly after the design of the revolutionary Horizontal Axis Wire Drawing Machine was completed:

  • The LRPC Strand Line SK1250, equipped with a revolutionary electrical wire-tension control system
  • The Vertical Axis Drawing machine Logos 2.0 Evolution

Our engineers are currently redesigning other machinery included in our range of products, such as:

  • Low Relaxation PC Strand Lines type SK900, SK1000, SK1120
  • Low Relaxation PC Wire Lines
  • The underlying intentions and main objectives of this innovation are the following:
  • Maximize the productivity of the line by increasing the rotational speed of the skip strander
  • Reduce and facilitate the required maintenance
  • Improve the product quality by providing better control of process parameters
  • Provide a user-friendly electrical control system

The application of all of the above objectives will result in state-of-the-art equipment for the high-carbon steel drawing and stranding sector, once again showing how much innovation is valued and successfully pursued at Continuus-Properzi.

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