New product lines from Fixtureworks

FixtureworksFixtureworks (Fraser, MI) showcass several new product lines: Trimax vises; ultra-low profile Trigrip carbide grippers; the APS zero-point positioning system, air assisted clamps, supports and locators; One-Touch Fasteners; and the new Fairlane GP-Series rubber gripper pads.

Trimax Production Vises offer the benefits users need to maximize a machine’s potential with multiple part clamping, quick change components and easy adjustment. Vises in this line are suited for production, 5-axis and machinist applications.

Fixtureworks Trigrip carbide gripper inserts are designed for ultra-low profile clamping with no dovetail workpiece preparation. With serrations designed for steel, hardened steel, titanium and aluminum, these patented triangular grippers feature two rows of teeth at different angles to maximize the pull down effect. Already integrated with the Trimax line of vises, the Trigrip inserts are ideal for upgrading existing vise jaws and more.

The APS zero-point positioning system is designed to connect the clamping device or workpiece with the machine tool for faster set up times and increased precision. The system features receptacles with three air-activated jaws for maximum rigidity, clamping force and repeatability of 0.0002 in. The pins are released with the application of air pressure.

Compact in design, Imao air assisted clamps, supports and locators allow for remote-control activation and simultaneous control, bringing full functionality in a small footprint. Products in this air-assisted line up include swing clamps (double acting and spring acting), hook clamps, side clamps, O.D. (perimeter) clamps and pull clamps. Several pneumatic work supports are also available to accommodate workpieces of varying sizes, as well as pneumatic flex locators, consisting of a receptacle and locator pin that is released when air pressure is applied.

Imao One Touch Fasteners are a convenient alternative to cumbersome nut-and-bolt assemblies for quick, easy and secure changeover and installation without the need for any tools. The pin-and-receptacle One-Touch Fasteners are used to attach fixtures, plates, machine covers and more, joining components with moderate clamping force.

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