New Han® ES Press fro high performance connections from Harting

160511_Harting_Han-ES-Press_03_800x800Harting presents a series of new interfaces for modular machinery which enables users to save time and money. Harting has developed a new connector, the Han® ES Press, which is based on a cage clamp terminal and enables rapid tool-less installation and contact bridging with prefabricated jumpers.

The manufacturer is also increasing the scope for the utilisation of modular connectors: the Han® Docking Frame allows the mass-fitting, precision connection of components in module-capable machinery. The PE module from the Han-Modular® series serves as an earth terminal when using cables with conductor cross-sections between 10 and 35 mm².

New Han® ES Press termination technology is based on a cage clamp terminal. Unlike other implementations of this type of termination technology, the cage clamp terminal of the Han® ES Press is delivered pre-loaded. The user need merely move an actuator into the contact chamber to close the cage clamp terminal around the conductor again. The result is a connection that boasts high tensile strength, is vibration-resistant and reliable. Thanks to the pre-loading of the cage clamp terminal, no force is required on the part of the user to insert the conductor into the contact chamber.

As a result, the Han® ES Press is ideal for the termination of conductors with or without ferrules. In addition, the contact insert provides the user with options for potential multiplication and the deployment of star or delta circuits for motor control. This is made possible by jumper bridges (longitudinal and transverse) which can be plugged onto the insulation body. The Han® ES Press is available in versions for housing sizes Han® 6 B, 10 B 16 B and 24 B. All variants are compatible with the other inserts in the Han® E, ES and ESS series.

The Han® Docking Frame is a float-mounted plastic frame in which some 50 interfaces from the Han-Modular® product range can be integrated. The docking frame can accommodate 2-6 modules which can be arranged according to the user’s requirements. Han-Modular®, combined with the docking frame, makes the ideal interface for many modular machines and systems.

The series includes power modules up to 200 A, high-density signal modules, all known Ethernet interfaces and other robust communication interfaces. A good example of an application is a Rittal battery storage cabinet, for which the Han® Docking Frame enables reliable and process-secure plug-in contacting of storage units.

Harting has extended the Han-Modular® series by offering a module for the pluggable connection of large PE cross sections (10 – 35 mm²). The hinged frame for Han-Modular® already features two integrated PE connections for the cross-section area of 0.5 – 10 mm².

The new PE module means that cross-sections of 10-35 mm² can now be performed in plugged manner. Special cables with reduced PE are no longer required. The PE module is simply mounted in the hinged frame and provides a secure electrical connection between the PE contact, hinged frame and housing. The protective conductor is leading and conforms to standard IEC 61984.


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