More speed and reliability for Industrial Networks

High speed, secure data transfer and compliance with Profinet – these are the highlights of the new cables from the Etherline series.

There are five variants of the Etherline PN Cat.7 (“PN” stands for Profinet).

For fixed installation it can be flame-retardant with a PVC sheath with the name affix “Y”, it can be halogen-free and flame-retardant with an FRNC sheath, or it can have a PUR sheath meaning it is halogen-free, flame-retardant and more mechanically robust.

There are also two variants for flexible installation (“FLEX”) with a flame-retardant PVC sheath or with a halogen-free and flame-retardant FRNC sheath.

The new cables are suitable for use in machines and plants or for the network infrastructure of anything where large amounts of data are transferred, for example from high-resolution cameras.

One thing that all the new Profinet cables have in common is their high data rate of 10 gigabit/s, thanks to their compliance with the Cat.7 standard.

Cables compliant with Cat.6A also achieve comparable speeds but Cat.7 cables work at a significantly higher transmission frequency of 600 MHz. This ensures performance and transmission reliability, even if cables become damaged or age during the course of their many years of use.

A further advantage is that they comply with the Profinet standard.

This is a standard which many manufacturers have agreed on and is recording particularly high growth rates. Users benefit from the fact that these products are compatible with one another.

The new Profinet cables from Lapp are also certified for the North American market, meaning users can use one product for all markets.

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