Mecspe 2015 – Parma 26-28 march

apertura  DSC_9571 OK360° technology innovation for industry, know-how transfer and focus on the macro trends of the division: the appointment with MECSPE is back!

With its 9 theme trade shows, complete overview of materials, solutions, machines and machninigs for planning, engineerization and production of manufactured items, and its exhibition formulas with an high innovative content, MECSPE 2015 presents itself like an essential meeting point among industrial chains and technologies, where it is possible to find solutions to improve the own production and new partners. From the 26th to the 28th of March, MECSPE will occupy for the first time all the pavilions of Fiere di Parma (Parma Fairground), widening its own exhibition area and offering many special initiatives, addressed to the most strategic product sectors, that will be focused on the macro trends of the manufacturing division, such as the industrial digitization and the system innovation that looks beyond the automation, the lean and efficient management of production and warehouse, the micromachinings and the nanotechnologies, the materials lightening and the 3D printing.

Digital Factory–Beyond the automation©

Highest expression of these trends will be the second edition of the Digital Factory–Beyond the automation©, the initiative that will show how it is possible to integrate all the systems and subsystems necessary to the realization of a product – from prototyping to planning and to production and assembly – reducing wastes and costs. In the Factory will be realized some component parts of the ultralight electric race car planned by team H2Polito from the Politecnico (polytechnic institute) in Turin. In the Digital Factory, the 3DExperience Square will present an immersive room, where virtual reality will take shape, interacting with parts of the Politecnico car.

To Digital Manufacturing will be dedicated a space, where it will be presented an integrated solution, in Cloud version, for the management of data relative to mechanic machining, that is able not only to memorize single mechanic machining like tool path, technological and geometrical data, but also to simulate them and is equipped with an high level interface between operator and CNC machines.

Always about simulation in planning, MECSPE suggests the Simulation Square, where will be presented some products optimized and developed thanks to the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and will be organized seminars and workshops.

Lean Automation in Logistics

The lean and efficient automation will be in the middle of the Lean Automation in Logistics, an area curated by C-Log (research centre of the LIUC University) that will recreate at 1:1 scale a production department with manual and automated machinings, in order to show the most innovative solutions and to teach to the operators the right wares handling. About the same topic, during the first day, the Associazione Meccanica will present the conference “How Lean can help the companies to increase performances and improve processes” that will present the experience of the Lean Excellence Centre of the Politecnico in Milan in the development and the implementations of a Lean approach specific for the productions orders.

foto mecspe DSC_9078 OK Robotics & Humanoids Square

Another interesting initiative for the automation division will be the Robotics & Humanoids Square, in collaboration with Automazione Integrata, where in order to show how it is possible to teach to the robots more human attitudes and behaviours, the research centres will present some humanoids able to move, answer and show their feelings and a series of very innovative prototypes of exoskeletons for hand and pelvis. The man-machine relationship will be also in the middle of the Robotics Square – Basket, where Comau will show the potentialities of its Racer robot, a low-energy-consumption mechanical arm, through the simulation of basketball movements. Thanks to the collaboration with the magazine “Automazione Industriale”, MECSPE will develop the AI Award area that, in the hall 3 (addressed to the automation technologies and products), will host the winners of the yearly award and will give new ideas in view of the next edition of the award, that will take place in October 2015 – in the three application sectors that characterize it, that is manufacturing and process industry, utility and automation “Made in Italy”.

 Planning and Design Square

Among the new frontiers that the planning has to face there are the use of bioplastics, the 3D additive printing and the lightening. This is the reason why MECSPE will offer ad hoc initiatives about these topics, such as the Planning and Design Square, organized in collaboration with Materioteca, that stimulates the creativity of the world of the project with a showcase where art and 3D printing will meet each other in order to describe the news of the research about bioplastics. The additive printing will find wide space with the second edition of 3DPrint Hub: in this trade show it will be possible to test live versatility and execution precision of the printers, to converse with the Italian protagonists of 3D printing and follow conferences and workshops about the most important subjects. Through the exhibition of technologies and products, the Lightening Square, on the other hand, will intersect the necessities of the key sectors (like aerospace, automotive, medical and industrial machines one) and the use of light and high performative materials.

Trattamenti e Finiture

In 2015, in order to complete the exhibition overview of MECSPE, there will also be the biennial trade show “Trattamenti e Finiture”, that to the exhibition area unites an offer of demonstrative areas and training moments. Among the initiatives of the trade show, the Galvanics Square, that was born in collaboration with Assogalvanica, will present an overview about the new products and machining of the galvanic treatments, and will give to galvanic expert and Assogalvanica partners the chance to get informed about the normative that regulates the division; and the Nanotechnologies and Innovative Materials Square, a unique event that was born in order to encourage the technological transfer among start-ups and companies that operate in traditional sectors, where will be showed the most innovative technologies and their advantages in terms of improvement of performances and financial efficiency, with practical demonstrations of products, materials and processes.

 The Micromanufacturing Engineering

Besides the exhibition area, MECSPE will organize training moments; some of them with the issue of credits for engineers and industrial experts. Among the last ones, during the first day, “The Micromanufacturing Engineering” will present an overview of the micromachinings with a focus on the ones by removal and on the plastic microinjection, where people will deal in particular with the problems connected to this machining type and to the products measuring. Among the topics addressed to who works on behalf of a third party there will be the conference “Horizon 2020: the European Programme for research and innovation”, organized by Associazione Meccanica and by Fondazione Democenter from Modena, focused on the opportunities for the companies of the mechanics to get funds for the innovation. Moreover, in order to show the own support to the manufacturing division, MECSPE and Tecniche Nuove will assign the “Innovation Award for production systems” to three companies that stood out because they conceived innovative products, systems, functionalities and application developments, both in absolute and in incremental terms.

foto DSC_9745 OK Gear Forum

MECSPE will be preceded by the second edition of Gear Forum, the international event dedicated to gears technologies and machinings, that will take place on Wednesday 25th of March at Fiere di Parma (Parma Fairground). The works day will begin with a series of conferences (in English) to discuss the state of the art and the trends in the technologies of production of gears, and will follow with a series of practical in-depth analysis about the application fields in the different divisions. During MECSPE the Gear Forum will move to the halls into the Gears Excellence Square, where the sponsors of the conference will hold some technical speeches and where there will be functioning machines for the gears machining.

The numbers of 2015 edition

From the 26th to the 28th of March 2015, in the pavilions of Fiere di Parma there will be more than 1,000 exhibitors, 9 Demonstrative Units, 11 Theme districts, 9 trade shows, 8 Excellence Squares, more than 50 conventions and mini-conferences organized by companies, universities and research institutes.

For any further information about the exhibition, please contact, phone 02 332039470

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