Light Brigade introduces fiber optics for enterprise networks training course

lightbrigadeLight Brigade, AFL’s training and education division, is now offering Fiber Optics for Enterprise Networks.

The three-day course provides the practical knowledge and hands-on skills required to properly design, install and maintain fiber optic premises and data center networks.

Students will learn about how fiber works plus key technical specifications, specific products, standards and best practices. Time will be spent learning to properly use the latest fiber optic technology and equipment to splice, connectorize, test and troubleshoot multimode and single-mode fiber networks.

“Fiber optic networks in the enterprise space are becoming more complex and many organizations come to us requesting specialized training,” commented Lee Kellett, general manager of Light Brigade. “We developed this course from the ground up—getting input from key people in this market to produce a course that will be valuable throughout the industry.”

The first Fiber Optics for Enterprise Networks class will be held March 14-16 in Lowell, MA. Additional classes are scheduled for Seattle, Washington and Las Vegas, Nevada later in 2016.

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