L-com Global Connectivity introduces RG401 and RG402 plenum-rated

L-com-DIN_RG401Manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, L-com Global Connectivity, has launched two series of plenum-rated, low-PIM coaxial cable assemblies.

L-com’s RG401 and RG402 plenum-rated, low-PIM cable assemblies are constructed using jacketed, high-performance, formable RG401 or RG402 coaxial cable. These plenum-rated cable assemblies feature passive intermodulation (PIM) specifications as low as -150dBc and are ideal for applications that incorporate Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). These cable assemblies are available with either 7/16 DIN Male or Type N-Male connectors.

“High levels of PIM in the transmission path directly result in poor performance of a DAS network. Our plenum-rated, low-PIM coaxial cable assemblies ensure strong signal and more bandwidth by limiting PIM in the connection between wireless components,” said Ken Burgner, Product Manager.

L-com’s RG401 and RG402 plenum-rated, low-PIM cable assemblies are built to order using an online cable configurator. The configurator allows customers to price and purchase cables that are designed to their specifications through L-com’s website. Customers can select the cable type, connectors, and length in inches, feet or meters. The configurator generates pricing for the custom cable, which can then be added to the online cart, allowing customers to order specifically what they need.

Low-PIM RG401 and RG402 bulk cables are also available by the foot for those who want to build their own cable assemblies. In addition to low-PIM cable and cable assemblies, L-com also offers low-PIM coax connectors, coax adapters, coax lightning protectors, and antennas.

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