igus Energy Tubes Withstand Hot Chips Up to 850°C

The light and enclosed R4.1 L energy tubes from igus are now available as a high-temperature version. (Source: igus GmbH)

igus introduces a high-temperature option for its R4.1L series of enclosed energy tubes that can withstand short-term contact with hot chips up to +850°C.

Developed specifically for use in equipment, such as welding and plasma-cutting machines, the lids of the chain are made of igumid HT.

This special high-temperature material ensures that the  searing debris will not stick to the tubes or burn into the material.

“Our new high-temperature R4.1L energy tubes can be used with the peace of mind that they will protect cables against very high temperature chips and spatter without incurring damage,” says Justin Leonard Director, the-echain director at igus.

Thanks to the special plastic igumid HT for the lids of the chain, the chips do not stick to the tubes or burn into the material.

Due to the enclosed design, the cable-friendly tubes are particularly suitable for applications in the machine tool industry, even within the working area of machines.

Enclosed tubes are particularly important for energy supply applications needing protection from chips and dirt.

In this way, energy tubes made of high-performance plastics provide high strength, wear resistance and low weight within the required installation space.

For applications in metalworking where energy tubes come into contact with hot chips, the motion plastics specialist igus has now brought a high-temperature version of its proven R4.1L to the market.

Thanks to the igumid HT material even extreme temperatures up to +850°C can be withstood briefly, with no chips penetrating or even adhering to the plastic.

The R4.1 L series has been specifically developed for the machine tool industry in order to be able to offer torsionally stable, enclosed and light energy tubes.

Based on the E4.1L e-chain, they share the same design features and benefits.

Thanks to the modular design, it is easy to adapt to the particular application and can be installed quickly.

With openable lids, filling with cables and hoses is very easy and fast.

Also available as anti-static ESD solution

For applications where static discharge has to be avoided, variants of the series E4.1L and R4.1L are now also available with the certified igumid ESD material.

The material has proven itself in practice in the igus test laboratory as well as in other chain series from igus, where it has been used for many years in explosion protection areas.

The additives integrated in the igumid ESD ensure long-term, durable and maintenance-free conductivity, which is unique in this form.

As an ESD option, the energy chains and tubes are available within ten working days; in the case of the high-temperature version, the delivery time of the special material is approximately 15 working days.

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