igus developed honeycomb structure to take strain off energy supply systems

igus developed a honeycomb structure to provide unique strain relief for energy supply systems. Cables and hoses can be pressed into the honeycomb, and when it is closed, the honeycomb cavities are pushed gently, but tightly, around the cables.

The product by the German-based company, which has a representation in East Providence, R.I., saves designers assembly and engineering time. The cables stay untangled in the honeycomb and the system allows for quicker assembly and breakdown of products.

The product can be mounted in seconds and saves assembly time by up to 80%. The system also saves space, protects cables in the energy chain and offers more flexibility for designers. The system is easy to open to insert new cables or replace worn or damaged cables.

The universal strain relief system is available in horizontal and vertical versions. The horizontal strain relief CFU.H can be installed in layers and allows the insertion of different cables in one layer. It is screwed from above in front of the mounting bracket and can be used for long travels at the fixed end.

The vertical strain relief system, CFU.V, can be hooked on in front of the mounting bracket. Different cables are inserted into the vertical rows. The system is tightly closed with a clip lock and protects the cables against mechanical stress.

The new honeycomb system is part of an innovative campaign by igus to create faster and simpler harnessing of energy chains. With the E4.1L, igus offers the easiest e-chain on the market to fill.

An innovative separator system, which was introduced last year, also makes it easier for designers to keep cables and wires from getting tangled.

The new strain relief products allow designers the freedom to insert cables into the E4.1L precisely. The designer can install the cables at any time, and the system allows the designer to change the product without complication.

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