HARTING launches fiber optic cable for extreme environments

HARTING’s fiber optic cable

Digitization is making inroads in tunnel drilling projects and mining.

Given the harshness of these environments, the requirements are quite high.

Large distances, together with the high bandwidths that are required, make fiber optic cable (FOC) the indispensable conductive medium for industrial Ethernet.

HARTING has now developed an ideal solution for these tough tasks.

However, since optical interfaces are known to be very sensitive to contamination, a solution had to be devised for mine and tunnel construction.

At HARTING, the solution for high data rates under extreme conditions is Expanded Beam Cable Assembly.

As a result, HD-TV is no longer a problem on machines and systems: The fiber is safely packed in a connector that cannot be affected by dust, water or operation in harsh environments environments.

Also a regular dis- and re-connection of the cabling in these environments is less problematic compared to standard fiber optic cabling.

Even extending the length of the optical connection is uncomplicated, and is as simple as connecting an additional cable, with no need to pay attention to the laying direction.

Thanks to the hermaphroditic mating face, an additional adapter is not required.

As a result, the customer saves time and money, and also the risk of having the other mating face than needed at his end of the cable.

Consequently, the HARTING solution is applicable in areas that are exposed to extreme harsh environments in which standard optical connectors have shown that they are not a reliable here and which have been inaccessible for FOC until now.

Mining and tunnel boring machines are only two of the many possible applications.

HARTING’s Expanded Beam Cable Assembly can also be used to to link networks in for event technology, stage construction or container ports.


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