General Cable Carol brand FrogHide cordset offers new features

FrogHide Ultra Flex Extension Cords

General Cable announces new features to the Carol Brand FrogHide Ultra Flex rubber extension cords, including a connector end that lights up to indicate that power is flowing through the cord.

This new feature not only offers convenience but also a heightened level of safety designed to help protect end users and their tools.

“This new enhancement to our premier FrogHide line will not only signal when the cord is plugged in and energized, but it will also enhance the safety proposition of the product itself,” said Jon Schemmel, Product Manager, Electrical Products Market Segment, General Cable.

“Our best cordset continues to get better and we recommend our FrogHide line as an extremely durable product for any extension cord application.”

FrogHide cords are constructed with the most advanced rubber technology available anywhere.

This makes them more flexible than any other cord on the market and FrogHide stays flexible, even at colder temperatures.

FrogHide’s improved electrical connections ensure more contact area between blades and receptacles, resulting in longer cord life backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The cord’s improved electrical contacts give it a longer cord life, plus it’s resistant to water, oil, ozone and chemicals.

“We are very excited to launch this enhancement to our FrogHide cordset,” said Tom Bisson, Vice President of Sales, Electrical Distribution, General Cable.

“I’ve had the same 100-foot FrogHide for 13 years but now with the new lit-ends enhancement, it’s time for me to upgrade.”

FrogHide’s distinctive green color is complemented by an exclusive personal identification system.

This unique personal ID system lets you write your name with a permanent marker on the cord, then slide the heat shrink sleeve over your name and apply heat with a heat gun or other concentrated heat source.

The full line of Carol Brand FrogHide Ultra Flex Lighted Extension SOOW Cord products – complete with a safety and convenience feature designed to help protect the user and tools – are currently available in stock.

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