Equinix collaborates with Eastern Light on new submarine cable to connect Sweden and Finland

Wquinix submarine cable

Equinix has announced it is collaborating with Stockholm-based fibre optic specialist Eastern Light on the rollout of a new international submarine cable route in northern Europe, linking up Sweden with Finland.

Equinix said the new fibre optic cable system was non-amplified and designed to allow customers to use their own equipment on their own dark fibre.

The submarine cable will run from Stockholm to Hanko, Helsinki and Kotka in Finland.

“Along this route the cable will terminate in two Equinix International Business Exchange data centers, HE6 in Helsinki and SK2 in Stockholm, which are key interconnection points for the Nordics and help facilitate the flow of global internet traffic in and out of the region,” it added.

 During Equinix’s Q1 2017 earnings call, the firm flagged continuing significant momentum as the interconnection partner for several new submarine cable projects worldwide, recently winning its fifteenth project.

“The vast majority of global data traffic is carried through submarine cables; this is critical infrastructure,” said Equinix EMEA president Eric Schwartz.

“A greater proliferation of these cables is essential in this digital age, when organizations depend on instant connectivity to markets and partners worldwide. As subsea cables connect more places, they enable the low latency that real-time technologies like those supporting electronic trading and the Internet of Things require.”

Eastern Light’s main supplier of its sea cable system is German sub cable firm NSW.

The system has been optimized to feature Ciena’s GeoMesh services as part of its dark fibre offering.

The Sweden to Finland portion of the cable is slated for completion in autumn.

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