TE Connectivity provides snap-on pre-printed wire markers

hero-product-masterTE Connectivity has launched its market-leading STD and STB snap-on pre-printed markers for wire and cable identification.

The markers are ideally suited for projects in energy, such as power stations, oil refineries and offshore platforms, where maintenance technicians will need to identify individual wires and cables quickly and efficiently over the operating life of assets.

STD and STB markers are individual snap on markers that can be applied after termination or installation to identify wires and small cables permanently.

STD markers are white and yellow with a black legend, whereas STB markers are color coded and a UV stabilized version is available in black with a white legend.

Both are available in a range of ten sizes that expand to accommodate a full range of wire and small cables from 1.0 to 19 mm in diameter (0.04 to 0.75 in.).

They are applied using a dedicated applicator wand, which enables easy installation and prevents over-expansion of the markers.

Once installed, the markers have a secure grip and feature chevron cut-outs on the sides to ensure the legend remains aligned and easy to read.

Both STD and STB markers are manufactured using a zero halogen polyoxymethylene (POM) compound, which is highly elastic to avoid damage to wire and cable insulation. POM guarantees strength, stability and low moisture absorption.

It also has good resistance to chemicals, including key fluids found in energy, oil and gas, aviation and military installations.

In terms of their flammability performance, STD and STB markers meet the US standard UL94 HB for plastic materials. Together these characteristics make them suitable to installations where a permanent cable identification solution is required.

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