Condorlube DF 18

Polymeric lubricant for cold deformation of steels and non-ferrous metals

Recent market studies, carried out by Condoroil Chemical, have highlighted the need to produce a lubricant that would simplify the multiple conversion or salting steps in cold forming processes.

This is the formulation of the new Condorlube DF 18, a non-reactive water-based polymeric lubricant for the cold deformation of carbon steels, stainless steels and non-ferrous metals. Condorlube DF 18 is mainly used as a lubricant carrier as a replacement for traditional conversion processes (phosphating and oxalating) or salting; the balanced formula of the components also allows the coating formed with Condorlube DF 18 to be used without additional soap deposition and without the use of oils.

The recommended work cycle is considerably simplified: Chemical sandblasting or pickling; washing with water at 60°C; Treatment with Condorlube DF 18 between 40-60°C; Hot drying (T=100°C).

To ensure the maximum efficiency of the Condorlube DF 18 (product), the treated material must be deformed as soon as possible after the treatment phase, as Condorlube DF 18 tends to hydrate in the presence of moisture. In case of high humidity environments or long time storage it may be necessary to repeat the drying cycle.

The Condorlube DF 18 (product) is normally used in immersion plants, both for in-line and batch plants. Good agitation of the bath is necessary to avoid stratification of the Condorlube DF 18 (product). Condorlube DF 18 must be diluted with demineralised water in variable concentrations depending on the type of use (type of deformation and material to be treated), the concentration of use is usually between 60 and 90%.


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