Cometo: For thirty years protagonist in the metal wire industry

Cometo 2 OKHigh-quality service, forefront products with excellent specialization degree. These the points that for thirty years have characterized the Lecco company Cometo, world leader in the production of equipment for the metal wire, cable, rod and tube industry. Since its foundation, in fact, occurred in 1983 upon the initiative of Enrico and Pietro Tocchetti, the Lombard company has been able to provide competitive and customized solutions, satisfying the various market requirements. Besides, since 2011, Cometo has widened its product range, becoming also manufacturer of wire cutting machines equipped with wire pay off. Since it controls the entire production chain, from the design of equipment up to the production of spare parts, Cometo can assure a fast and efficient pre-and after sale service to its customers. Service and professionalism that we can find also in the several machining operations proposed by the company, including: cutting, milling, assembling, turning, heat treatments and burnishing, with the addition of applications that range from the feeding and straightening of wires, profiles, cables and tubes up to the production of nets and the guide system for the wire winding. A complete offer that makes Cometo company an ideal solution for all those searching for excellent quality straightening machines, wire guides, cutting units and traverse units.

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