CableMod expanded Hybrid LED Series with combination RGB and white LEDs

CableMod Hybrid LED Series

CableMod shook up the world of LED lighting with the release of Hybrid LED Strips – a lighting solution that features a combination of both RGB and UV LEDs.

CableMod expanded the Hybrid LED lineup with WideBeam™ Hybrid RGB/W LED Strips.

By combining both RGB and dedicated white LEDs on a single strip, users can illuminate their case with a variety of colors, as well as a true, bright white should the mood strike.

CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Strips combine two different types of LEDs on a single strip. The first type is the same WideBeam RGB LEDs that are featured on our original RGB LED strips.

RGB LEDs are great for illuminating a PC chassis in a variety of colors, but when it comes to white, RGB LEDs fire all three color diodes (red, green, and blue) to achieve this. This makes the white color appear slightly off, depending on the viewing angle.

This is where the second type of LEDs comes in – dedicated WideBeam white LEDs.

With this second LED type in place, users can instead use these LEDs when displaying white, ensuring a true and bright white that can’t be achieved with normal RGB or even RGBW LED bulbs.

Because Hybrid LED Strips combine two types of LEDs on a single strip, the included 40-key remote control enables users to control both the RGB and white lights independently with a single unit.

What’s more, RF technology means that line-of-sight is not required, giving added flexibility for receiver placement. CableMod WideBeam Hybrid RGB/W LED Strips are compatible with GIGABYTE® RGB Fusion Technology, so you can sync up your system’s color scheme right out of the box.

Like the RGB/UV version, these Hybrid RGB/W strips combine two types of adhesive.

Rare-earth magnets adhere securely to ferrous surfaces like steel PC cases, while allowing easy ad mess-free repositioning at any time.

Also along the bottom of each strip is a strong 3M adhesive, making these strips suitable for even non-magnetic surfaces like aluminum.

Our WideBeam Hybrid LED Kits also come with a convenient splitter cable that makes routing the strips around your case easier.

Like our original LED strips, WideBeam Hybrid LED Strips utilize a modern SATA power connector for a more secure connection, and are also fully chainable when longer lengths are required.

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