Brass inserts provide reusable metal threads

ffm-100-pennengineering-001Type MSIB™ microPEM® brass inserts from PennEngineering® provide reusable metal threads to attach plastics securely in compact electronic assemblies. Their unique symmetrical shape will accommodate either straight or tapered holes and eliminate any need for orientation of the inserts during installation.

Type MSIB™ microPEM® brass inserts install permanently when designed into ABS, polycarbonate, and other plastic substrates, by pressing them into the host material using ultrasonic equipment or thermal press. Upon installation they will not loosen or fall out.

Applications include wearables from smart watches and cameras to fitness bands and headphones, laptops, tablets and readers, as well as gaming and handheld devices. The inserts feature threads as small as M1, can be specified in a range of lengths, and will mount in plastics as thin as 0.7mm. Mating hardware completes final component attachment.

Type MSIB inserts join a growing family of microPEM fasteners engineered to satisfy a wide range of precision attachment requirements in the consumer electronics marketplace. Detailed specifications, fastener drawings and models, and performance data (Bulletin MPF) can be accessed online.

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