AGC Chemicals Americas will introduce AFLAS® 400E fluoroelastomer

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. will add to its breadth of extrudable fluoroelastomer grades with the introduction AFLAS® 400E at the 2017 IWCS Suppliers’ Exhibition, booth #401.

AFLAS 400E is a tetrafluoroethylene propylene (FEPM) material that offers performance and processing advantages over FKMs and other AFLAS grades.

The product incorporates a new cure-site monomer making AFLAS 400E ideal for wire and cable constructions.

Furthermore it cures rapidly and is colorable, while maintaining the unique characteristics and resistance of standard AFLAS.

And products made with AFLAS 400E last longer in harsh environments, and they do not deteriorate under prolonged exposure at 230 °C.

Additional processing advantages of AFLAS 400E over conventional FKMs and other AFLAS grades include:

  • Easier extrusion
  • Excellent electrical resistivity
  • Superior thermal resistance
  • Outstanding resistance to bases and acids
  • Improved compression set
  • Enhanced tear resistance
  • White base resin color
  • Specific peroxide not required

“AGC developed this advanced AFLAS grade to provide improved performance and greater flexibility for wire and cable constructions,” said Drew D’Agosta, senior business manager of fluoropolymers, AGC Chemicals Americas. “AFLAS 400E is the right choice for wire and cable insulation that works in demanding and complex applications.”

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