AFL receives six new patents for products and technologies

AFL patent award winners

AFL patent award winners

Several AFL associates were recognized for receiving patent awards for developing new products and technologies within the optical connectivity, fusion splicing and test and inspection divisions.

The Optical Connectivity team received four patents including “small form factor field installable outside plant connector housing” which allows field engineers and technicians to run cable point-to-point and protect the connection in an environmentally sealed, crush-resistant housing.

Two patents were received for “universal interface device base and module” which minimizes manufacturing design variation thus reducing costs. Modules can be easily replaced or changed out by technicians and provides an easy means for service providers to replace defective modules or replace installed modules with new or upgrade modules. The last patent is for a “field installable high strength breakout kit.”

AFL’s Fusion Splicing team received a patent for “making fiber axicon tapers for fusion splicers.” This technology provides solutions for people to use fusion splicers instead of polishers to make axicon lenses on fiber ends which can be used for connection between a fiber and a laser chip.

AFL’s Test & Inspection team received a patent for “system and method for identifying fiber sequence in a multi-fiber optical cable.” This technology enables OTDR-based identification of fiber sequence.

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