AFL adds a micro-tactical cable


Subunitized reduced od tactical

Subunitized reduced od tactical

AFL, a worldwide manufacturer of fiber optic cable and accessories, is adding a micro-tactical cable to its tactical fiber optic cable.

Designed for rapid deployment in networks that require high mechanical performance specifications, the new micro-tactical cable combines ruggedness with ultra-high fiber density.

The cable withstands high tensile loads, severe crushing forces, repeated impacts and extreme temperatures.

“Innovation in tactical fiber optic cables has been largely stagnant for the last several years. AFL recognized a need to offer a high fiber count solution to meet the increasing demand for reliable signal transmission in harsh environments”, explained Craig Stratton, market and development manager for AFL.

The higher fiber density allows for longer deployment lengths without sacrificing bandwidth. And with longer assembly lengths, optical connections are reduced thereby enhancing network performance.

AFL offers a variety of tactical cable jacket materials enabling the cable to be used in areas where it may be exposed to high temperatures, wet locations, industrial chemicals and severe mechanical stresses.

The micro-tactical cable is ideal for the broadcast industry, as well as military, mining, rail and petrochemical applications.

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