Rivit’s self-clinching range

FFM-100-Rivit-001Rivit Srl has introduced an extensive range of products for industry, including blind rivets, rivets nuts, welding studs, self-clinching nuts, blind bolts, latches, cage nuts, spring clips, as well as related tools for their installation.

Focusing on its self-clinching range, Rivit is able to supply studs, nuts and standoffs – all available in steel, zinc plated steel and stainless steel. The installation of the self-clinchingfasteners is done by simply pressing them into the sheet metal. The special knurl under the head of the fastener ensures a quick and permanent fastening, with no need for further welding or screwing. The products can be installed either with manual or pneumatic presses and they are ideal to be used on thin and already painted sheets.

Included in Rivit’s self-clinching range are round nuts, which enable the user to create threads on thin materials. In fact they can be inserted into a pre-drilled hole and, thanks to the pressure, can be fixed without damaging the material. Next are flat nuts, which offer the advantage of being completely flush on both sides within the sheet thickness. Finally there are hexagonal nuts, which complete the series. All types of nuts are available in carbon steel and stainless steel.

Also included in the self-clinching range are standoffs, which enable a quick assembly of the sheet metal with other elements – when it is necessary to keep them at a specific distance and parallel to each other. They can be installed on sheet metal having a minimum thickness of 1mm and they come both with through or blind thread – available in stainless steel or carbon steel.

The final product group is studs, which can be installed in sheet metal with a minimum thickness of 1mm – providing threads to screw nuts. They are made in different materials – stainless steel, carbon steel or phosphor bronze – to provide solutions that could not be possible with other products.

Rivit is also able to offer the equipment for the installation of the self-clinching nuts, including:
RIV2100: A manual press featuring a high power ratio and the maximum working safety.
RIV2200: A pneumatic press coming with 8 dies. Small in size, it offers very big performances.
RIV2450: A pneumatic press with 450mm throat depth, 8 dies included, and it was designed to be safe, flexible, compact, economical and easy to operate and maintain.

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