OFS introduces new TrueLase 10/130 Active and Passive LMA Double-Clad Optical Fibers

ofs-fitel-logoLeading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of innovative fiber optic products OFS has presented its new TrueLase 10/130 Active and Passive LMA Double-Clad Optical Fibers.

Based on OFS proprietary technology, the TrueLase family of ytterbium-doped gain and matching passive fibers enable designers to produce high performance, reliable, and consistent lasers and amplifiers utilizing true single-mode fiber designs.

Dr. David Douglass, OFS Product Manager, states “OFS has demonstrated the advantage of true single-mode optical fiber designs in both low and high power applications. We have experienced tremendous market demand for OFS technology, and we are pleased to provide new options for customers who prefer less integration than found in our flagship TrueMode™ Fiber Laser Cavities.”  Dr. Douglass continues, “As the first of our TrueLase active and passive optical fibers reach the market, OFS will continue to develop and provide solutions for the demanding applications our customers are addressing.”

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